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Exposure Basketball Program

ITA Native Sports introduces our NATIONAL EXPOSURE PROGRAM

What is the “National Exposure Program”?

If you are looking for a team for AAU or wanting to attend our National Tournament — YOU can enroll as an individual. ITA has an alternative, we have our National Exposure program.

Inter-Tribal Athletics will put together two teams in each classification boys and girls to compete against all the other programs around the Country in our hosted events and Top AAU events. Teams will be assembled by position each team will consist of 10 players – 4 Guards, 4 Forwards, and 2 post players. Due to travel distances, we don’t have the luxury to host weekly practices.


More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When would I know if I or my child has been selected or accepted on the EXPOSURE team?

After you had FULLY registered by filling out the application and submitting a link of you or your child’s video, uploaded or emailed your video. You will know if you have been accepted 2-3 calendar days after FULL submission

What do I do after I or my child has been accepted into the EXPOSURE team?

CONGRATULATIONS! After receiving an email that you or your child has been accepted. You have 3 calendars days after that email has been sent, to communicate a status of you or your child’s submission. Meaning, you have 3 days to communicate if you accept or decline your spot. 

You have 3 calendar days to reserve your spot by submitting a payment. By submitting a payment you or your child will have he/she’s spot FULLY reserved.

What do I do after I submit my payment?

After submitting your payment, you should receive a receipt and/or confirmation. A month prior to the tournament you will be updated with more tournament/team details. Practice time will be available prior to the event.

Have ANY questions, comments or concerns?

Please contact Inter-Tribal Athletics.

Email :

Phone number : (253) 495-1668