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Exclusive Trevon Allen Interview

Idaho University Guard, Trevon Allen (Umatilla) Q & A with ITA Native Sports. Trevon is back for his 2nd year of college basketball at the University of Idaho. Allin is Well known for bringing back to back state titles to Clarkston High School and winning numerous player of the year honors in High School. Last year he averaged 5 points as a freshman.

ITA: Tell us about yourself?
Trevon Allen: I’m from Lapwai, Idaho but I am enrolled in the Umatilla Tribe. Basketball has always been my love, I enjoy putting in the work and grind. My dream is to get to the top. I also played football and had the chance to continue my journey that was D1 as well and be a dual sport athlete but I thought it would be too much, so I just rocked with basketball.

ITA: Who taught how to play basketball?
Trevon Allen: My parents basically taught me a lot about what I know about the game of ball. My dad always pushed me to be the best I could and put me in the direction to never settle. Coming from a smaller place you gotta put in more work in order to get to the places you want to go.


ITA: Is there a player you model your game after?
Trevon Allen: I don’t really model my game after anyone in particular. What I like to do is take certain parts of players game. From players in the NBA to players younger than me. You can always learn from everyone is what I think.

ITA: Who do you hope to inspire?
Trevon Allen: I hope to be an inspiration to a lot of young people and give them the hope, drive, and determination that it can be done. I hope they see me doing it but I also hope that they see the amount of time and work it takes in order to get to this stage. School basketball for me was probably more than what I could’ve ever of expected. In high school, I was able to bring back to back state championships to a school that hasn’t won a state championship ever since it has been established. I broke numerous records (most points in a game, most points in a season, most field goals made, most 3’s in a season, most 3’s in a career, most touchdowns in a season, and most catching yards in a season for football) I was named back to back MVP for our league, I was MVP of the state tourney my senior year, and also 2A State player of the year my senior year. For college basketball I was apart of a team that has made it as far as any other team before us, we made it to the second round of a post season tournament. I tied for the 3rd most points from a freshman and I put up a career high 25 points my freshman year.

ITA: How did you spend your summer?
Trevon Allen: I have basically spent my summer improving my game of course and getting ready for another year of that college level play. I’m excited to get back to it! I also enjoy family time as well since there isn’t much of that during the season.


ITA: What are you studying for school?
Trevon Allen: For college I am attending the University of Idaho on a basketball scholarship, or course I am studying with in the movement of science program, looking stay within the training aspect of the game if I can’t continue playing after college.

ITA: What advice has a coach given you that you’ll always remember?
Trevon Allen: I think the advice that I will for sure always remember is to never be satisfied, and always look to improve whenever you can, you can always add to your game.

ITA: What are the goals and expectations have you set for yourself?
Trevon Allen: Some goals and expectations are to be a player that’s putting up good numbers all around at a D1 level by the time my junior year gets here, putting up the numbers that start to draw that attention from the next level!

ITA: Anything you’ve been working on this off season?
Trevon Allen: This off season has been a grind to get stronger and just keeping my game up to par, making things more crisp and trying to perfect them basically! I feel like it’s all there, it’s just continually getting better at them.

ITA: What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?
Trevon Allen: My big message to my supporters and fans would be that I am just trying to make it to the top and get to that level, not just for myself, but also for my people, and my family. Like I have the drive and the want to be a guy out of a small Rez that made it to the D1 level like i am now and hopefully continue on to the next. I want them to do know it can be done no matter where you’re from if you put in the time and work, and you really want it, you can get it!!

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