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Kyrie Irving helps build solar water center in Pakistan

Kyrie Irving’s charity foundation has collaborated with a non-profit organization named Paani to build a solar water center that will provide “Clean water and facilitating farming” in a remote area of Sindh’s Thar region of Pakistan. 

Irving’s involvement in charity work in Thar came to light when Paani project, in a series of tweet on Wednesday, lauded the Brooklyn Nets guard for taking the initiative through his KAI Family Foundation. 

“NBA superstar and humanitarian Kyrie Irving built a Paani solar water centre in Sindh with his K.A.I. Family Foundation,” one of the tweets said, adding that the centre had made clean water accessible for over 1,000 village folks in the area.”

If not for the tweet, Kyrie Irving’s work would have gone widely unnoticed. It’s time to change the narrative. For more news, college announcements, and stories, please check out our site. To get your news reported please e-mail us at


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