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Native American Showcase – High School Girls

Yakima, WA – The high school girls group at ITA Showcase had several players that I’ve covered but tons of new faces I’ve never seen before. It was the first opportunity for some of these girls to go at each other. It was a treat to watch!

Below is our run down of top performers from the event. So much talent throughout the Showcase but the top 5 were considered because they separated themselves from the pack.

The top 5 –

Koyama Young – 2017 – Lapwai, ID – 5’9″ CG – Such a fun player to watch! Great attitude, competitive, athletic and a solid handle. Great scorer with a variety of moves to get shot off. Good on ball defense, fundamentals are solid. Young was Named MVP of the 2017 Native American Showcase. She recently signed her Letter of Intent to play at North Idaho College.

Janae Kalama – 2020 – Lacey, WA – 5’5″ G – Athletic and already build like a college level guard. She’s an excellent finisher in transition. Primary ball handler that takes care of the ball and leads her squad. Her group won the mini tournament. Going forward this Camp all-star will need to improve her shot but love her upside.

IMG_0254Tarryn Hart – 2018 – Yakima, WA – 5’9″ PG – One of the marquee standouts in this group, I’ve watched her for a few years now and she’s impressed every time I’ve seen her.  Confidence…handles, very creative with the ball, explosive and has great counters for whatever the defense throws at her. Good decision maker, good fundamentals, drops dimes in transition…can be a little flashy but is fun to watch.

Angelline Nageak – 2020 – Anchorage, AK – 5’4″ G – Super athletic skilled guard that will continue to improve and get stronger. Great decision maker at the basket & in transition, drives both right and left, finishes around the basket. I love how hard she attacks the basket.. She’ll need to get stronger but she’s one you need to keep your eye on.IMG_1357

Trista Takes Enemy – 2017 – Yakima, WA – 5’6″ G – One of the smoothest games at the showcase….Her stop and pop pull-up jumper is beautiful. Competitor that doesn’t hesitate to match up with the opposing teams best player. Its hard to think theres very many high school Native guards out there that play like this young lady. She’s currently unsigned with several JC’s offers.

Best of the Rest –

Ashley Anderson – 2018 – Yakima, WA – 5’8″ G – Long athletic player with tremendous upside. She played excellent defense and doesn’t seem to back down from any player. She’s wiry thin and can run for days.. I love how hard this girl plays.

Jessica Cheney – 2018 – Yakima, WA – 5’8″ SG – Has a good understanding of the game and showed signs of being a good shooter from the 3 point line. Solid athletic build for the next level. If she can put in work over the next year she’ll be a solid pick-up for schools out there. You might not of heard of her but don’t forget the name.

Shiniah Holt – 2017 – Lapwai, ID – 5’3″ G – Adequate handles to take care of the ball. Good looking shot and has a winning resume from Lapwai, ID. She did well enough to be called up as an All-Star and earn herself a scholarship with YVCC at the showcase.

T’Mesh Mills – 2017 – Yakima, WA – 5’8″ F – Solid player that rebounds well and finishes around the basket with both hands. She another that will sign with YVCC

Chehalis Aleck – 2018 – Yakima, WA – 5’6 G/F – Kind of a tweener but shows guard skills. Rebounds well, plays solid D, drives both right and left…finishes around the basket. She has moments where she turned defense info offense and scores in bunches. Strong build.

Lexi Moon – 2019 – Shelton, WA – 5’9″ Post – Back to the basket post player is still raw but has decent upside. Solid rebounder and shooter. Needs to work on speed & quickness.

Nettie Grover – 2019 – Taholah, WA – 5’10 F – Big framed tweener…footwork needs improvement but she produces…shooter with decent range out to the 3 pout line…gets garbage points on put backs and easy opportunities around the basket.

Janealle Sutterlict – 2019 – Yakima, WA – 5’8″ G – Showed signs of being a shooter. She kind of just puts the ball in the basket.. Not overly flashy just gets the job done. I liked what I saw in the short amount of time I watched her.

Alicia Pluff – 2020 – Tacoma, WA – 5’7″ G – Has the ability to be a excellent shooter if her shot continues to develop. Showed the ability to take care of the ball under pressure.

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