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Q+A: Grace White (Red Lake Nation)

Red Lake High School senior Grace White holds the card her teammates made for her. White signed her letter of intent to play basketball at the University of Denver in a ceremony Wednesday morning in Red Lake. (Austin Monteith/Bemidji Pioneer)

National Native American Player of the Year finalists, Grace White Q & A with ITA Native Sports. White will play college basketball at University of Denver after hang an historic career at Red Lake High School.

ITA: Tell us about yourself?
Grace White: A little about myself is I’m super optimistic and adventurous.

ITA: Who taught how to play basketball?
Grace White: My dad mostly taught me how to play basketball but I grew up playing it with my family and friends.

ITA: Is there a player you model your game after?
Grace White: I don’t really try to model my game after anyone but I shoot for Kobe Bryant’s mentality and grab little things from my favorite players.

ITA: Who do you hope to be an inspiration to?
Grace White: I hope to be an inspiration to my native people. Especially the native youth who go through hard times and grow up with struggles.

ITA: How did your senior year at Red Lake high school go?
Grace White: School basketball was so much fun because I was able to play whatever way I wanted with natives (rez ball).

ITA: What are you doing to get prepared for college basketball?
Grace White: I’ve spent my summer training in Denver and attending summer school.

ITA: What advice has a coach given you that you’ll always remember?
Grace White: “Be quick but don’t hurry” -my dad Coach White

ITA: What are the goals and expectations have you set for yourself?
Grace White: I have pretty high expectations for myself and it gets overwhelming at how many things I want to do and achieve but I want to make sure I make the most out of being a Division 1 athlete.

ITA: Anything you’ve been working on this off season?
Grace White: working on everything down from dribbling to time management.

ITA: What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?
Grace White: For my fans and supporters I’d like to say they are truly appreciated and turned me into what I am today and I couldn’t do it without them.



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