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We recently caught up with Trazil ‘Treezy’ Lane for a preseason interview. The 6’4″ senior guard from Lummi, WA is arguably the best high school Native player in the State.

Q: Who taught you how to play basketball?

Trazil: My parents Theresa & TJ Lane, my older Bro and Cuzzins. Numerous trainers and Native tourneys.

Q: Is there a player you model your game after?

Trazil: Bill Russell & Kobe Bryant. My dad always talks about rebounding and defense (Bill Russell) are the keys to a great basketball player as well as having an killer mentality as Kobe the “Black Mamba”.

Q: Who do you hope to be an inspiration to?

Trazil: My elders and peers. I hope to inspire our younger generation from ALL NATIONS! N7!

Q: How is your current school year going?

Trazil: I’m keeping up with my academics, playing great football, & getting ready for basketball season. LUMMI BLACKHAWKS  #1. And we are in the hunt for a state title for football. I have 1 in basketball, and 1 in track and field. Getting 1 in football will be great!

Q: How did you spend your summer?

Trazil: Playing and traveling to Native Tourneys and AAU. TRAINING to become faster and stronger in every aspect of the sport.

Q: Did you enjoy playing in the Pro-AM?

Trazil: YES!  PRO-AM was a DREAM! Being on the same court as Paul George, Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas and Zach Lavine. There was so many talented pro players! I learned a lot from my guys on Bellingham Slam team! It was Great!

Q: What type of things have you been doing to prepare for college?

Trazil: Study, college prep work, and tutor classes for the SAT test.

Q: Do you have any college interest?

Trazil: Yes i do, but gotta get SAT’s done.

Q: Do you like your teammates?

Trazil: YES! They are my Brothers/Family.

Q: What advice has a coach given you that you’ll always remember?

Trazil: While we are doing suicides, sweet 16’s,chair position, any type of training, or 6am practices. Jerome Toby – Varsity Basketball Coach says. “I know it hurts, but LOSING hurts worse.” I push myself and my team through it. Come game time, WE Ready! “110% from the snap of the ball to the echo of the Whistle!”– Coach Sandman-Football

Q: What are the goals and expectations have you set for the team this upcoming season?

Trazil: WIN IT ALL! #1 STATE CHAMPS IN EVERY SPORT! Build great memories and strengthen our brotherhood. Show our appreciation to our elders who travel and who come supports from near and far by giving it our ALL!

Q: Assuming you won’t be in the post(basketball)…What other position do you see yourself at the next level?

Trazil: Guard or the Small Forward. Any position as long as the ball is in my hands LOL.

Q: Anything you have been working on in the off-season?

Trazil: There is NO-Off season for me! Shooting, scoring, swats, DUNKS, & DEFENSE!

Q: Are there any goals you have set for yourself this year?

Trazil: Next level College Basketball, TRIO of state titles Football, Basketball, & Track.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

Trazil: I would like to thank GOD for blessing me and watching over me. Big HY’SHQE to my family, friends, and Fans for their continuous Support! LOVE YA’LL! GO BLACKHAWKS! ONE NATION!!!

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