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Kyrie Irving Debuts Nike Kyrie 7 (Details + Pics)

The Nike Kyrie 7 will launch in four “Preheat” styles including “Icons of Sports”, “Expressions”, “Soundwave”, and “Special FX” on Nov. 11 followed by the “Sisterhood” colorway dropping on Nov. 23.

The Nike Kyrie 7 “Special FX” focuses on Kyrie’s love of film-making. His first venture onto the big-screen came by way of Uncle Drew, which was originally derived from the Nets star’s role in the unforgettable Pepsi ads. To communicate the concept, Nike represents a green screen with the choice of sole color, while the upper is designed with cinematographic, film-like layers. A gold film camera logo is placed on the heel, as is the initials “HF” for Happy Family.

The Nike Kyrie 7 “Expressions” is inspired by Kyrie’s appreciation of art and the freedom of expression. A much brighter color palette is evident, with a pink pastel sole and vivid brush-stroke patterns on the upper. The choice of tan on the tongue is inspired by classic art canvases.

The “Icons Of Sports” is an homage to the heroes in Kyrie Irving’s life. A chain link pattern sits on the heel – a nod to basketball playgrounds – while the colors on the outsole honor the muses in his life. The yellow and purple are a likely nod to the late Kobe Bryant, while the black and blue a tribute to Coach Mike Kryzyzewski. Nike has confirmed that as of now, there will not be a “Mamba Mentality” colorway of the Kyrie 7.

The “Soundwave” represents Kyrie Irving’s love of music. Nike confirms that Travis Scott, a close friend of Kyrie’s, loosely inspired this colorway with the choice of orange and tan tied to La Flame’s own aesthetic. The HF logo appears once again, stylized with music in mind.

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